Rocker Panel Camouflage Wrap Kits

Rocker Panel Lower Door Camouflage Wrap Kits

Add a touch of camo to your truck with our Rocker Panel Camo Graphic Wrap Kits



We have a ton of camo choices for you to choose from. We have stealthy, we have flashy, we have traditional, we have modern. If you have a metallic paint job, get us the OEM code and we can print a camouflage that will look like it came right out of the factory!

We have camouflage patterns that help you hide and we have patterns that make sure people look your way. For a touch of evil, check out our focal point pieces!

We’ve got U.S. and British WWII styles, we have digital, we have realism for an assortment of terrains — from the swampy marsh to the northern forests in winter. We have metallic camo to match your OEM paint job and we have chrome camouflage to make sure hiding is the last thing you’ll do.

We have 3 heights available. Our rocker panel wrap kits come in 3 different heights — 12″, 14″, and 16″.

The length is the same… a total of 34′. We sell them in 52″ long sections (4’4″) and you get a total of 8 sections. That is 17′ per truck side. These sections are easy for the DIY installer to work with or you can hire a professional.

We also offer matching TAILGATE WRAPS

You have a choice of semi-gloss or matte finish.

This easy-to-use kit is designed for the do-it-yourself installer. See our video for installation instructions.
These cover the lower doors on most full-size trucks, compact trucks, and SUVs.
We feature:
  • Adhesive vinyl graphics
  • Air Channel Release technology for easy, bubble-free installation
  • Universal Kit designed to fit most full-size and compact trucks and SUVs
  • Manufacturer’s 5 year warranty