Castle Wall Murals

Castle Wall Murals

Castle Wall Murals

Pink Castle Wall Murals

Castle wall murals  can be created to depict the throne room of the castle. This is an excellent choice for the room of a little prince or princess. The centerpiece of this mural would of course be a thrown upon which the royal person sits. The caricature of the king or queen can be created by using a picture of the subject.

Surrounding the royal throne would be knights in full armor brandishing their weapons and ladies in long gowns. A banquet table or dance floor could also be added. Castle wall graphics can also be created to depict the exterior of the castle.

Banners with family crests can billow out from the castle towers. These can be created to look exactly like any real life crests by using a photograph as a reference. Knights can be seen jousting in the courtyard peasants planting crops in the fields of the king or queen would add a bit of realism to the mural.

Again, the people that are depicted can be created in the likeness of anyone whose picture you have to use as a reference. Custom castle wall murals are a unique way to enhance the decor of my rooms in the home. One’s home is often referred to as his or her castle.

With castle wall murals this is literally true. This type of mural would be great in a child’s bedroom, guest bathroom, around a stone fireplace, in a game room, or home office. These types of murals can also be used in restaurants that want a rustic and old world feel.

Application and removal of murals is quick and easy, and we offer our wall decor is many custom sizes. What great memories most of us have of castles, even though most of us have never seen one live! They are, after all, the stuff of fairy tales. Nearly every kid would enjoy having castle wall stickers adorning their bedroom walls.